what is uchat

Uchat isn’t only a free, simple, secure instant messaging app, but also an app for social activities, making money and working

Why choose uchat

Uchat includes E-wallet, chat, group chat, private channel and other functions. provide all-round services for your life

Unique function

Uchat provides social hall and selfie short video sharing, which is not available in other chat apps

About us

Our App

Uchat is a free simple, secure instant messaging app, and Uchat includes wallet, chat, short video, applet and other functions also, Uchat hopes to provide every user with a new chat app covering the surrounding areas of life. 

Why choose Uchat

Wallet, chat, short video sharing, applet, chat room, friend group, photo sharing, you can do a lot of work on instagram, youtube, whatsapp, skype and facebook


Personal and group chat keep in touch with each other forever

friends CIRCLE

Make more friends and find more opportunities

Short video

Find more interest groups, life is not lonely


Share your videos, photos and files with every friend, you can also share short videos to every body


E-wallet let you yo get rid of the shackles of credit cards, a mobile phone can go all over the world

Matchmaking hall

The task hall, fun sharing and trading hall let you spend every day quickly without leaving home

Download now! Experience a different chat life

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