Personal chat

Personal chat function include text message, voice message, video phone, voice phone, file transmission (video, picture, file, etc.) and positionin, etc. Users can choose any way to communicate with friends, strangers, business partners and colleagues for free.

Group chat

Groups can keep you in constant touch with friends, colleagues and relatives, you can add your friends, colleagues and family to your group by adding members, and you can communicate with them by sending text and voice and sharing videos and pictures, you can communicate with colleagues by sharing documents also, sharing location information through location function can make it easier for you to have a party.

Short video

Sharing short video can help you get more friends, more business opportunities and more fans, of course, you can also browse the recommended short videos of others.

Friend circle

You can share your pictures, texts, videos that your friends can see your current situation, you can see friend’s current situation also.

Group recommendation

You can use group recommendarion function when you need more groups, it help you find more groups with the same interests and habbies.

People nearby

Through this function, you can find more people near you, both men and women, as long as they use this app, maybe you can find your happiness


With an e-wallet, you don’t have to bring a credit card when you go out, which eliminates the risk of losing your credit card and allows payment to be completed anytime and anywhere, you can also complete rapid collection and payment with others through QR code and red envelope function

Matchmaking hall

Every user can post some interesting ideas, various tasks and sell some idle items here, let you know more people with the same interests

Website access

Users can directly access grab, email, e-gets, bookmefly and other websites on the app. We will implant it into all aspects of users’ life conveniently and quickly